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One of the true “Just In Time” truckload service providers, a hazmat carrier with 48-state authority. 75% of our customer base is within this “JIT” environment.

Our drivers know how to keep the left door shut and right foot down, and not to stop until they pass go!


With brokerage offices in Jacksonville, FL and Memphis, TN, we are well-positioned to handle any of your brokerage needs, whether it be year-round scheduled business, or those cumbersome last-minute loads.

Please contact us today so we can design your solution!


Our company was founded on this business, and although we have rapidly expanded our truckload sector, we haven’t lost touch with where it all began. We still operate a sizable spotting/shuttle operation. Mr. Leon J has been part of our family for over 22 years.

He was the third person to join our team, after Mr. Harry S and Clayburn M. These two fine gentlemen, like too many others, have preceded us in death. They will forever be interwoven into the fabric that is JNJ. May they rest in peace!

Dedicated / Power Only

The JNJ Express Power Only program provides Dedicated newer model semi-tractor equipment and experienced drives.

Our custom-tailored power only transportation solutions are ideal for peak demand periods and rapid workforce augmentation.

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