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Opinion varies among humans. Those who doubt need only examine the words of JNJ employees. No two of us, it’s been said, can see things the same way because our viewpoints vary with the spaces we occupy.

The same conditions prevail among business owners and managers, including those of JNJ Trucking. “We don’t want to be like the industry norm,” one of them said, “because we’re not the industry norm.”

We value the culture we’ve built. We take exceptional pride in our employee turnover rate. While the industry average hovers near 95 percent, we are at less than half of that level.

JNJ’s success in employee retention is our attention to:

  • Hiring the right drivers.
  • Honesty in dealing with personnel.
  • Quick identification and resolution of their problems.
  • Strong family and company values.
  • Great customer relations.
  • Above average compensation levels.
  • Weekly home time.
  • And new equipment
  • All leading to a superior company reputation.


Drivers occasionally are asked to leave JNJ, usually during their probation periods. More often than not, they find they’re not cut out for JNJ’s type of work; that they can’t handle the requirements of a “just in time” JNJ driver.

Among those requirements:

  • Good communication skills.
  • The ability to drive 715 miles or 11 hours a day or 2800 miles a week (whichever comes first) without prescheduled time off.
  • A professional attitude in dealing with colleagues and customers.
  • Willingness to wear clothing carrying the JNJ logo during work hour.

Although we strive for perfection, we’re NOT a perfect company. In our opinion, there is no such place. The grass doesn’t grow greener on our lawns.

We refuse to exaggerate our requirements to trick or mislead drivers into applying for positions. Driving at JNJ is not easy work. It requires a special driver to meet the company’s JIT standards. Sufficient numbers of our applicants meet them, however, to maintain the prosperity of JNJ and the company’s personnel.

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