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About JNJ Express

The Founder

John Sr. can’t remember life without trucks and trailers. He grew up around trucks. He often took trips in the summer with his father who owned three trucks. Hauling iced packed chickens out of Jasper, AL, often returning with cotton seed or produce. Those days were quite different than trucking today. Sleeping under the trailer to beat the heat of the long summer days. He started his career in the industry in 1968 on the docks of Overnite Transportation.

Over the course of 2? Years and 5 different states, the family settled in Memphis, TN. He ended his career with Overnite in 199?, taking a president’s position with a Memphis-based truckload provider for the next five years. With little money and lots of ambition, he formed JNJ Express, Inc. in 1992 as a spotting and shuttling service for Coors Brewing Company. His devotion to hard work and excellent customer service quickly flourished into a sizable operation in the Southeast region.

In 1998, JNJ Logistics was formed, and JNJ Express, Inc. ventured out over-the-road.

The Future

The business has since transitioned to the second generation of Ennises, John Jr. and Nathan. Both have grown up the same as their father, around trucking their whole lives. Both boys have grown up working in the business.

The Family

John Sr. | Nathan | John Jr.


Our Core Values

Humans learn through experience – their own and, especially, their parents’. This process, more than any other, shaped the values and philosophies that have governed JNJ Trucking’s development and the anchor points on which the company stands today:
  • Family, the focal point for almost everything we do in life.
  • Commitment, to family and the teachings families hand down from generation to generation – faith, health, country and career.
  • Service in keeping with each of those commitments.

Family is the most important value at JNJ.


Family – in the broadest sense of that word – is the strongest of JNJ’s core values. “Family” at JNJ encompasses the offspring of founder John Ennis Sr., from the founding of the company – and what they have defined as “the many smaller immediate families within our core JNJ family.”

The latter include personnel recruited over the years who made the JNJ family their own, together with families of customers, vendors and others who have come to be – and be seen among the others – as family members.

Each of them, beginning with Founder John Ennis Sr., came to understand that “family” is always first, the concept on which JNJ was founded. And each recognizes a fundamental fact: that the security of their personal families requires they keep JNJ secure, health and prosperous; that one cannot succeed without the others.

Your visit to JNJ’s web site demonstrates that you are working to provide for your immediate and extended families. The JNJ family hopes that you will find your future here.


Commitment is the key element in human life. Commitments to faith, family, health, country and career drive human behavior. The stability and happiness we enjoy are driven by the progress arising out of our commitments.

Commitment, for these and other similar reasons, became the second of JNJ’s core values. In keeping with JNJ’s commitments to its’ several families, the company makes commitments to existing and prospective customers, employees and others; commitments that can only be fulfilled through the combined efforts of every member of every JNJ family.

JNJ makes these commitments simultaneously in fulfilling its commitments to the heirs of John Ennis, Sr., as well as every member of the extended company family.

Can you imagine yourself and your family a part of this enterprise? If so, the JNJ family invites you to consider the commitments involved; those you would make and those you would assume – commitments to service in the broadest sense of that word.

We wouldn’t leave you hanging.

Mark Andrew Forester

May 15, 1981 – September 29, 2010


Service is a simple human concept that most accept in many forms. Service to faith, family, country and career all require commitment as well as action in one or more of several forms. Services to faith, family, country and career are among them. JNJ family members accept and embrace these commitments for themselves and their immediate families as well as the larger JNJ family.

They acknowledge obligations ranging from community support activities to the ultimate sacrifice rendered by Mark Andrew Forester – JAG 28 (May 15, 1981 – September 29, 2010) on behalf of the United States; on behalf of all of us. God Bless America.

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